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Brandwacht Game Reserve

Brandwacht Game Reserve Story

The story of Brandwacht Game Reserve began in 2018 when the first game farm was purchased, marking the establishment of the Reserve. The families who own the reserve have always had a deep passion for rewilding the previous farmlands and restoring them to their natural state as they were over 300 years ago. Their commitment to this vision has shaped the reserve’s journey.

Over the past five years, the reserve has experienced significant growth and progress. Wildlife populations have been successfully established, and the restored landscape has attracted a diverse array of smaller mammals. The rehabilitation of habitats has been an ongoing process, creating a thriving environment for both resident and immigrating wildlife.

As time has passed, the true beauty and richness of biodiversity within the reserve have become evident. Not only is the wildlife spectacular, but the unique natural setting and the presence of endemic flora add to the reserve’s appeal. The combination of flourishing wildlife and the preservation of endemic plants contributes to the overall ecological balance and enhances the reserve’s allure.

For the outside world, the award-winning Garden Route Safari Camp is the gateway to Brandwacht Game Reserve. From here, guests can enjoy the intangible essence that permeates the air—the feeling of immense contentment that washes over visitors as they are immersed in the natural beauty and serenity of the reserve. It is an experience that cannot be fully explained or captured in words but must be felt and embraced with an open heart.

The story of Brandwacht Game Reserve is still unfolding, and its dedication to rewilding, conservation, and the preservation of its natural heritage continues to shape its future.

Rewilding progress

The Reserve was established in 2018, in efforts to REWILD previous farmland and regenerate the previous existing ecosystems. As the area recovers, previously endemic wildlife will be reintroduced.

Through intensive conservation efforts, we are in the process of accomplishing this by:

  • Reintroducing wildlife species.
  • Rehabilitating previous croplands.
  • Removing alien plant species.
  • Funding through sustainable tourism.

In 2018, Garden Route Safari Camp opened its door to our first guests, allowing us to generate funds through sustainable eco-tourism for our conservation efforts.

In February 2022 our new Rhino Plains luxury family accommodation will be operational.

  • Combining conservation and community upliftment.
  • Job Creation.
  • School field trips for the children of Brandwacht Community in conjunction with our Lion Sanctuary.
  • Nature Guide Training School established in 2021 (The HoneyGuide Academy).
  • Conducting research and collecting data.

Brandwacht Conservation Foundation

The Brandwacht Conservation Foundation was established in 2021, spear-heading our conservation efforts for the following:

  • White Rhino Breeding herd establishment
  • Renosterveld Research and Protection
  • Community Training and Upliftment
  • Lion Sanctuary

What is Renosterveld?

Renosterveld is a unique vegetation complex that lies within the Fynbos Biome of the Greater Cape Floristic Region(CFR), known as the smallest yet richest floral region on Earth. Renosterveld is mainly covered by grasses, shrubs from the Asteracea Family and bulbs that are only seasonally in flower. 

Why is Renosterveld endangered?

Due to Renosterveld being situated on fertile clayish soils, most of the original Renosterveld has been turned into agricultural fields used for planting crops or rearing of small stock. The result being that only 5% of the original Renosterveld remained. Not only is a tiny percentage left, but the remaining Renosterveld is fragmented all over the Southern Cape, creating extreme protection difficulty.

IMG_20210202_070659 (1)

Why should Renosterveld it be conserved?

The remaining fragmented Renosterveld habitats provide crucial refuge for a wide variety of Fauna and Floral, creating diverse ecosystems that are worthy of conservation. 

The Renosterveld at Brandwacht Game Reserve is home to an abundance of endemic bird species, endangered amphibians and a wide variety of wild flowers!

Brandwacht Community

Brandwacht Game Reserve is named after the small village neighboring the reserve.

Together nature and community take care of each other, the beauty being nature’s ability to uplift those who protect it!

We believe the conservation of our country’s natural heritage lies with the  children, for them to realize its splendor and the nurture a deep love for it.

Please contact us to find out more about our community projects.


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