Lion Sanctuary

Our purpose and vision:

Our lions came from The Lion Sanctuary, situated in the Free State Province of South Africa. They are currently semi-captive, which means that they roam in a large area, but are sustained by us. A few centuries ago, lions still roamed the area freely – when we hear our lions roar, it is special because it spells the return on the lion to our valley.


Lion Trio

The lions play a critical role in our social commitment to the community of Brandwacht, where they form part of the educational program for the children of Brandwacht.

The project forms part of our endeavours to promote conservation, sustain tourism and uplift communities through job creation, training and various opportunities.

Come and meet our lions.

Brandwacht -
Conservation Foundation

The Brandwacht Conservation Foundation was established in 2021, spear-heading our conservation efforts for the following:

  • White Rhino Breeding herd establishment
  • Renosterveld Research and Protection
  • Community Training and Upliftment
  • Lion Sanctuary
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