Rhino Ranger Project


The Ranger & His Rhino Project

Brandwacht Game Reserve became the custodian of our first introduced rhino core.

The Rhino Project involves:

  • Creating a safe haven for the rhino population to thrive in, protecting them from the ever-present threat they face in the world today.
  • Combating poverty and conservation with quite a unique symbiosis.
  • Every Rhino represents a Ranger and his family.


The Brandwacht Conservation Foundation funds the Ranger and His Rhino endeavor, striving to protect the Rhino population of Brandwacht Game Reserve whilst uplifting eager individuals through training and employment. The compounded result being the generational upliftment and the conservation of the Rhino.


Brandwacht Conservation Foundation

The Brandwacht Conservation Foundation was established in 2021, spear-heading our conservation efforts for the following:

  • White Rhino Breeding herd establishment
  • Renosterveld Research and Protection
  • Community Training and Upliftment
  • Lion Sanctuary
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